About Alicia McKay


Hello! I'm Alicia McKay

I’m a strategy expert, based in Wellington, New Zealand.


I'm a policy analyst and management consultant turned author, speaker, trainer, and facilitator. I like to have a laugh, I hate boring buzzwords and corporate bullshit, and I genuinely care about helping people do great work.

My background is in strategic planning, business case development, and organisational strategy and change. I now develop strategic skills in senior leaders.

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Since starting my consulting practice in 2014, I've worked alongside over 100 Councils, government agencies, and corporate clients in Australia and New Zealand and reached thousands of people through my blog, newsletter, public speaking and online training.

I've written Wednesday Wisdom since July 2018 and regularly write articles, appear in the media, and post cheeky takes on LinkedIn.

In 2021, I founded the Not An MBA executive education programme, teaching core strategic leadership skills to over 500 senior leaders.


I’ve published two books: From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Sh*t Done In The Public Sector, and You Don’t Need An MBA: Leadership Lessons That Cut Through The Crap.

I'm working on a new book for local government right now - stay tuned!

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Brand Promise

Whether I'm facilitating strategic transformation at Crown Law, training leaders at L'Oreal, building elected member decision skills at Councils, taking the stage to thousands of conference attendees, or running kick-ass online development sessions with Not An MBA, I'm all about helping people make better decisions, challenge unhelpful norms, and turn intentions into meaningful action.

Working with me is real, practical, fun, and fast. We don't waste time, we strip away all the buzzwords, and we make great stuff happen.


Bonus Resources

Articles - If you're looking for help with strategy, change, or the perils of being an ambitious high achiever, chances are I've written about it! Check out the articles archive. 

Newsletter - If your inbox is depressing and you'd appreciate a weekly prompt to think about things and take charge of your own life, Wednesday Wisdom might be just the ticket.

Strategy Courses - If you need help with strategic planning and facilitation skills, take a look at the AM Academy. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming public events. 

Free Guides - I've made all sorts of things over the years - guides, workbooks, videos, etc - and put them out as free resources. Get them all at once here.




My love of learning is limitless, and I'm always signing up for new things, reading new books and going on new workshops -  but here are the things I can put on the wall:

  • BA in Political Science; Media & Communication from University of Canterbury - A switch from Law to the social sciences.
  • BA (Hons)in  Politics from Massey University - Where I became intrigued by strategic studies.
  • IAP2 Certification - Public participation in decision-making matters. IAP2 is all about community engagement and connection - and gave me my first taste for facilitation work.
  • Better Business Cases Practitioner - As a BBC practitioner, I worked with clients to apply policy logic and economic analysis to investment choices and programme decisions.
  • Investment Logic Mapping Certified Facilitator - Good decisions are a logical process. As one of NZ's first ILM facilitators, I've helped clients work through complex strategic issues and planning choices.
  • Kaiser Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) Certified Assessor - Strengths overused become weaknesses. The LVI is a gold-standard certification supporting senior leaders to break through career plateaus.