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Level up your leadership with straight-talking strategist Alicia McKay. 

No buzzwords, no bullshit.

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Alicia McKay makes strategy simple

Welcome to your strategic transformation hub!

Alicia McKay turns overwhelmed leaders into savvy strategists. With wit, wisdom, and a no-nonsense approach, Alicia delivers practical tools in Plain English in her speaking, training and workshops.

From overcoming incredible personal odds to guiding New Zealand and Australia's most senior leaders through change and transformation, Alicia McKay is a force of strategic innovation and leadership.

With a blend of humour, candour, and razor-sharp insight, Alicia doesn't just talk strategy - she embodies it. 


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Not An MBA


Not An MBA

Not An MBA is eight weeks of executive leadership development for the savvy strategist in you.

Join over 450 senior leaders across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK have transformed their life, work and leadership. 

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Strategic Public Leaders


Strategic Public Leaders

Specifically tailored for local government. Get your elected members and executive team out of the weeds and into the future with focused strategic development.

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Consultants of Choice


Consultants of Choice

Curriculum, coaching and community for self-employed consultants.

As founder and mentor, Alicia supports a community of consultants to start, run and grow their own consulting businesses.

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Speaker and MC


Conference Speaker and MC

Facilitated conference experiences for organisers who want more than the average conference. Keynotes, masterclasses, panel interviews, audience engagement and MC services.

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Unleash your inner strategist with training and workshops

Specialist programmes for senior leaders, local government and self-employed consultants.

Alicia McKay teaches strategic skills like decision-making, systems thinking, strategic planning, facilitation, change leadership and performance management - in Plain English.

Workshops and in-house training options for teams and organisations. Online courses for individuals.

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Make learning and planning an enjoyable experience for your team 

Most people have been to more workshops than they can count - and few changed anything. Alicia McKay is different.

Personable, personal, and bursting with life, Alicia's presenting and facilitation style is anything but boring. Combining her depth of expertise in strategy, investment logic, decision-making and strategic facilitation with humour, irreverence, and an insistence on speaking plainly, Alicia's style is a surprise and delight to teams in all industries and sectors.


Book a workshop or masterclass for your team

Want to level up your strategy skills but don't know where to start?

Turn your busy leaders into savvy strategists and unleash their true potential.

Alicia runs in-house workshops, training, and masterclasses in strategy, leadership, strategic planning, and facilitation skills.

Looking to boost your next away day or leaders forum?

Perfect. Alicia regularly gives talks and runs short sessions for organisations that need a boost. Tell us what you're after, and we'll see if we can help.

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Read Alicia McKay's popular books on strategy and leadership

Most business books are boring. They're a bunch of self-important, middle-aged, middle-class white dudes telling you about their morning routine and how they excel at the office (while their wife takes care of the rest.)

Worse, they're not useful. Those books are packed with American corporate theory that sounds good on the page, until you think about the complicated mess that is your life and work, and it all falls over.

Read these books instead. Practical, actionable advice grounded in best-practice research and written in Alicia's trademark style.  



Take self-led online courses in strategy and strategic planning.

Online courses in strategic planning, facilitation and strategy are available through the Alicia McKay Academy,

Free learning options are also available in strategy and strategic leadership. 




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