Strategy and leadership workshops

Nail your strategic plan or upskill your leaders with a workshop from Alicia McKay.


Help your leaders think and work more strategically with leadership training from Alicia McKay

Get your leaders thinking and working more strategically with Alicia McKay.

Learn how strategy works, how to align your daily work to the bigger picture and smarter ways to manage your time and energy, plus leave with helpful tools and tricks to ask better questions and drive more progress.

Alicia is the author of  You Don't Need An MBA, a best-selling strategic leadership book, and founder of Not An MBA, accelerated executive education for strategic leaders.

She's built strategic skills in Councils across New Zealand and Australia, and partnered with large organisations like L'Oreal, Woolworths, Haines Attract and Optimal Workshop to drive a more strategic approach to leadership in their teams.

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Learn to lead through change with a masterclass that offers practical tools and support for uncertain environments 

In most organisations, change is the new constant. Whether you're transforming your digital experience, restructuring your team, changing your operating model or adjusting service levels, odds are, you're in the middle of something big.

Ongoing ambiguity and uncertainty can corrode culture. People become fearful of what's next, and stop engaging in programmes and conversations that smell like loss.

But it doesn't need to be this way. Alicia McKay is a straight-talking change enthusiast with a toolkit full of practical exercises for your team. Help your leaders learn how to shift their mindset, tackle change head-on and keep their people connected in even the most challenging times.



Upskill your leaders in the basics of strategy and strategic planning 

Your strategic plan could be the biggest asset in your team, business or organisation - if you let it. But most plans are too broad in scope, weighted toward operations, and afraid of upsetting the apple cart.

Alicia specialises in driving the rapid-fire development of core strategic priorities for scattered teams. She'll teach your teams how to do things properly.

From organisational transformation at Crown Law to annual planning at ARUP, Alicia has supported hundreds of teams to get clear on what matters most - and motivated to take action.

PS - If you're in government, pick up a copy of Alicia's popular strategy book: "From Strategy to Action: A Guide To Getting Shit Done In The Public Sector"



Client spotlights

Alicia has worked with over 120 public, private and non-profit sector organisations on strategy, change and leadership. Check out some examples here.

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Creating strategic local government leaders with Greater Wellington Regional Council
Workshop video thumbnails 2
Helping L'Oreal leaders approach change conversations more strategically
Workshop video thumbnails 5
Building strategic skills with consulting engineers at ACE New Zealand
Workshop video thumbnails 4
Driving strategic change in legal leadership with Crown Law
Workshop video thumbnails 3
Facilitating long-term planning with Southland District Council

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