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You deserve this. Bye. (Dealing with jealousy)
  • Why do people get jealous when you shine?
  • How to recognise that behaviour in yourself.
  • Two things...
4 minute Low-Down: What "Strategy" Is

In this post:

  • What strategy is
  • How to get better at it

Here's a 4-minute strategy breakdown from...

Set your own direction
  • The unhelpful pressure of a master plan
  • Navigation needs a starting point
  • Get perspective on your...
What Strategic Planning Is About (And Not About)

In this post:

  • The #1 outcome of strategic planning 
  • What strategic planning is about
  • What it is...
Pay yourself first
  • Why you need to pay yourself first
  • My experiment with sequencing
  • Useful strategies for your life
  • ...
You can be the one who changes things
  • It's never been more possible to do great work
  • You are always free to choose a different path 
  • ...
How to get on top of your stupidly long list

In this post:

  • Too many things will see you spin your wheels.
  • Nerdy strategic planning principles...
Nurture a network of freaks
  • Your peer group will shape you
  • Choose a new normal
  • Be a freak of nurture.

Your Peer Group Will...

A Fresh Take On Smart Goals: CRAZY Smart Goals!
  • Are you aiming too low?
  • The paradox of goal-setting
  • A formula for setting bigger, better goals.